Sunday, September 7, 2008


Elias Hansen installing work by Elias Hansen and Oscar Tuazon, Cooley Gallery, Reed College, 08.30.08

if you're around, please come to this opening. i'm supposed to design a cocktail, but that might mean PBR. i want something brown and layered, but with a garnish that can function as a visual rupture. any suggestions?

suddenly: where we live now — is a book, a set of exhibitions, and a series of public events beginning in Portland, Ore., this fall, and transpiring in various places around the world.

September 10, 2008, 7 pm, 4th floor deck at Milepost 5: cocktails; visual art; and, Colin Beattie discussing Greater Beaverton, including Guatemala and the Sonoran Desert. Photographs by Shawn Records; sound installation by Michael McManus; projects by Gary Wiseman and Mike Merrill; artists in attendance.

Free of charge, Milepost 5, 900 NE 81st Avenue, two blocks from the MAX at 82nd. inquiries
suddenly is:

Thomas Sieverts • Saskia Sassen • Fritz Haeg • Karl Marx • Shawn Records • Lisa Robertson • Zoe Crosher • Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery, Reed College • Center for Urban Pedagogy, NY • Frank Heath • Pacific Northwest College of Art • Rob Slifkin • Sam Lohmann • Hadley+Maxwell • Sergio Pastor • Molly Dilworth • UO Architecture • Castillo/Corrales, Paris • Michael McManus • Yi-Fu Tuan • Alexandra Harmon • Aaron Betsky • Oscar Tuazon • Storm Tharp • Coll Thrush • Nico Wright • Fernand Braudel • Rem Koolhaas • Pomona College Museum of Art • James Glisson • Mostlandian Citizens Junior Ambassador and Katy Asher • Michael Damm • Alison Shotz • Diana George • Mike Merrill • Weiden + Kennedy • Athens West • Paige Saez • Milepost 5 • Eric Fredericksen • Anselm Hook • The Zwischenspiel Puppet Opera Company • Rebecca McGrew • Beaverton Creek Village Mall • Gary Wiseman • Colin Beattie • Kenneth Mroczek • Storefront for Art and Architecture,NY • Danielle Dutton • Marc Joseph Berg • the back room • Matthew Stadler • Stephanie Snyder • and others…


Grant said...

My favorite brown cocktail is the Rusty Nail, which is scotch and Drambuie liqueur. Perhaps a cloved orange slice for a garnish. Like Jenny used to put in the bathroom to cover up the smell of poop.

gemstate said...

now you've had two suggestions for the rusty nail, but perhaps a rusty screw is more to your liking. scotch, grand marnier, and lemon peel. i've got a bottle of grand marnier collecting dust if you want to test it out. sorry, no scotch.

if i were you, i'd throw in a sprig o' mint to complement the green grass of beaverton.

Justin said...

Dude, it is nice to see you back!! I have been meaning to delete your blog from my blog roll for a few months now, but I guess it's too late...

Oh, and go for the gold make your drink:
"Sweat Of A Bulls Ball"
Tequila, 5 drops Of Tabasco.

Patti Hallock said...

For something sweet, try something I created during my bartending days:

In a shot glass, layer
Banana Liquor

This order works best because the individual liquors are different weights. You can use a spoon to pour onto so they layer nicely.

Patti Hallock said...

Oh no, I didn't invent that one. It's called a Dirty Banana. Whoops!

shawn said...

thanks for the drink tips. it ended up that due to liability issues, the cocktail party turned into a juice party. i'm still going to make some of these drinks though.

sexy said...