Monday, September 22, 2008

role play

google image search results for "role playing"

By far the most significant reason my blog's slowed down so much in recent months has been this. First, it was this and now it's this and this. I'm not alone in this situation either. I can think of many of us who hold dual roles as Photographer / Administrator, Photographer / Publisher, Photographer / Editor, Photographer / Critic, etc. Even those of us who bear the burden of blogging wear find ourselves wearing two distinctly different hats at times.

Many interesting questions come of the situation, but I'm afraid that my other lives have me too fried to articulate them at the moment and it's not all that fun when it's one-sided either. Maybe I should have other people enter the conversation? Maybe a group blog'd be better? Kind of like a photo version of the View. Please, chime in.


Mel Trittin said...

Can I be Whoopi Goldberg? Mature, acerbic, doesn't give a damn what anybody thinks of her? Has the occasional dead on take?

Chris Bennett said...

I feel your pain shawn.