Monday, July 14, 2008

i think it's a shame spiral

my favorite google image search result for "shame spiral"

all I know is that between the editorial jobs, the show I just went to, the show I need to print for, and working towards putting on these Reviews, I not only haven't posted lately, but I haven't even logged in and looked at my reader in at least a month. It's become a source of guilt and I just can't deal with it these days. Hope you're all well. Actually, I am. I may be busy, but it's all the kind of busy I want to be.

Do I seem older, perhaps more mature? I'm a year older as of yesterday.

I'm actually writing for a purpose though. Is there any chance that you're interested in attending the NW Reviews? We've got a lot of great reviewers coming to town and we just had a last minute cancellation meaning there might be an open spot. Let me know asap if you're interested.