Saturday, September 6, 2008

a good friend poses the question

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"speaking of blogs, have you given up?"

Yes and no. I keep thinking that I'm five minutes away from my next blog post, but then something gets in the way. I kind of wonder if it's a seasonal thing for me. The weather's too nice still, but it'll get dark and gray soon. Perhaps it'll come back full force? In the meantime, I'm thinking of it as an extended hiatus in an attempt to rock more and squawk less. Everything's busy, but a good busy.

Say, in the event that I haven't been deleted from every google reader out there and someone will actually read this, I'm actually going to be in NYC next week. Bring on the recommendations so I can add them in to Google Earth. Photo and art recommendations yes, but not just photo stuff, what does one do in NYC with two boys, 6 and 11?

So far I've got Gray's Papaya and Michael Mazzeo's Gallery (hoping to make it to that opening on the 12th) on my personal to-do list and the Natural History Museum and a double decker bus tour for the kids. What else though? New York is kind of a tv place for me... I've been there a few times, but always pretty quick and busy. I'm really looking forward to seeing some things this time around.


Graham said...

I got some things for you.
I went on a boat tour with my father last time I was in NYC. I think you sons might find in really interesting. A bit pricey but worth it to check out.
Circle Line Tours

Next, book stores. I dont know how much your sons will enjoy, but two books stores you must check out are, The Strand and Dashwood books, both in Manhattan. The Strand is huge and has everything including a large book collection. Dashwood is really small and only photo books. You must check these out.
Good luck!!

Graham Walzer

shawn said...

thanks for the tips Graham (and others). Yes, Dashwood is a definite and I'll look into the others as well.

keep 'em coming...