Saturday, November 14, 2009

As flattered as I was

that Paul Graham was writing to me, this isn't exactly what I'd hoped for.

Dear Friend,

With due respect to your person,I Paul Graham kindly wish to ask for

your attention and consideration just for a while. I know this is

certainly not the appropriate channel to contact you but situation

necessitated me to do this. However,I am sincerely sorry for any

inconveniences this may cause you. I am a senior staff of a bank here

in LONDON, and I have a business proposal which will benefit you and i

if it is properly executed.

I was the account officer and personal friend to Colin Morley who died

in the July 2005 London bomb blast. Colin Morley was a reputable

customer of my bank before he died in the 2005 London bomb blast.

He however had a deposit of Nine million two hundred thousand British

Pounds(9.2Million GBP) with the bank and his family members are not

aware of this particular account due to the perennial crisis in his

marital home.

As his confidant and an account officer, he warned me on the

implication of disclosing his account status to
any member of his family.

For more details and confirmation please try and visit this site

below for clarification:

Based on this, I want you join me in my plans to get this money.

All I need do is to present you as the next of kin to the deceased,the

bank would transfer the funds to you as the beneficiary .Please note

the urgency in this transaction and a timely response is required so

that we can meet with the bank's deadline.

Please have no fear for I assure you that all relevant documents

needed to make this deal successful shall be forwarded to you as soon

as I receive a positive response from you. Note that we need joint

effort to make this deal successful.

I believe strongly that if this deal is carefully executed, it would

be of great benefit to both us.

Waiting earnestly for your response.reply me on my private mail on

Best regard,

Paul Graham