Sunday, September 21, 2008

the desktop test

my desktop this morning, courtesy Justin James Reed

Collect pictures into that source folder for your desktop and have it set to refresh every time you come out of sleep. If you find yourself tidying up so you can let the picture breathe alone, there in the center, it's probably a good sign that you love that picture or that it's got naked parts in it. If it does have naked parts in it, be careful on the airplane. Hey Justin, this is one of my favorite desktop pictures these days. Interested in talking about a print swap?


Justin said...

Shawn, yes a print swap is definitely possible, interesting choice to leave a question as a post, which leaves me with no choice but to leave a comment to your question. I will browse your site, and we can get the gears going.

By the way what is SoupDumpling_Broken.jpg?

starlen said...

and what is SoupDumpling_Whole.jpg?

I sense a diptych.

shawn said...

by posting, rather than emailing, the suggested swap was originally meant to be a public shout out of adoration, but yeah, i guess by putting you on the spot it becomes a manipulative ploy as well. Apparently a successful one at that. Hot Damn.

And Starlen, you are right, you'll see that soup dumpling break once I can figure out how create an animation from the two.