Friday, May 30, 2008

if i didn't have fifteen other things i need to deal with today

i'd follow my nose from here, an image i discovered yesterday while trying to find the phone number of my neighborhood grocery store:

read the comments on the flickr page.

Of course, that lead me to here, a slightly more academic (Arty) conversation about Gursky's picture.

Jorg's got a nice one here.

But of course, it's the auction price that draws attention, isn't it?

But I think this one's my favorite.

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Justin said...

I hate you Shawn for making me read all of the Flickr comments... it was tough, but here is my favorite from

Essjay in NZ (a Pro User):
"Awesome - great POV, so that's what a foodmarkets aisles look like from above"

It just beat out this comment by Tiki Monkey (a Pro):

"That's our closest Fred Meyer, but we're night equidistant from the St. John's Fred Meyer."

Brilliant! I think I like the color palette on this shot better then on Gurskey's, oh and I don't claim to be any kind of user...