Friday, May 16, 2008

help me out?

next week, in all three of my classes, I want to talk about photo projects that deal with history. I've got an earlier post here where I mention some examples that I like to use. Others include the thirdview site and maybe one or two of the other rephotographic projects (like Susan Meiselas' "Re-framing History," but I'd love to find something where someone is looking into their personal history, rather than our collective. I swear I remember seeing a project somewhere through the blogosphere within the past few months where the photographer was shooting sites of personal relevance. Anything come to mind?


bob said...

you may be thinking of derek shapton

shawn said...

Bob, I realize that we've just met, and I don't want to freak you out and come on too strong or anything, but I really think I love you. That's exactly what I was thinking of. Thanks much,

Mel Trittin said...

On a somewhat lighter note Jon Gitelson's project ( comes to mind.

shawn said...

ooh yes. Thanks mel. I am also loving you right now.

Chase said...

You could go for the sexual past of "Nascent Sexuality Polaroid Study"

or directly

Andrew said...

Hi Shawn,

two of my favorites are
Janne Lehtinen "The Descendants" and Seiichi Furuya's work about his wife, "Christine Furuya-Gössler, Mémoires 1978-1985".


Blake Andrews said...

Mitch Epstein's Family Business
Sylvia Plachy's Self Portrait With Cows Going Home

LKB said...

Hi Shawn -

A few come to mind,

Frank Gohlke's early work in Wichita Falls in his parent's yard

Sage Sohier's work about her mother,

And Bruce Myren's Markers: Memory, (be sure to click on the? to see the full titles
(He has a new project in which he is photographing all of the places he's lived in MA to where we live now. I can send you a pic, as I happen know know him :) It's 12 feet long.

LKB said...

If you are thinking more history, history, there was a fabulous show at MassMoca, Ahistoric Occasion: Artists Making History

LKB said...

Direct link to statement,