Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Boonville USA, Portland style

It's kind of like when you were watching Happy Days and the girls from Laverne & Shirley showed up.
© Timothy Briner, Gladys, Boonville, NC, 2007

That's right, as I type, Tim's on the couch catching up on his own blog/email/whatever and doesn't even know I'm posting this. In fact, if you add Jenny we've got three laptops humming along right now in the same room. Add some Yo La Tengo and we're practically an indy coffee shop. Anyhow, I had the good fortune to have Tim speak in two of my three classes yesterday and boggle my students with the concept of a modern day itinerant photographer living out of his Chrysler. It was really great...

I don't know if it was inspiring to them, but it sure has been to me.


sadkids said...

are you taking good care of tim? I hear he's cheating on our guitar hero with your guitar hero. and meat waffles? we don't have those in sf! I am getting one when I come up there in june.

tims friend (and now yours)-

shawn said...

good to meet you geoff. look me up in june.