Friday, May 30, 2008


Say, if you were going to be in Chicago at the end of July and had secured a little faculty development money to cover your hotel costs, where would you stay that would be convenient for drunkenly walking home from the MOCP? And what else, besides trying to arrange a drink with Brian, Todd, and Amy would you do while you're there? Other than a few airport layovers and a quick drive through, I've never spent any time there. Hoping to book my ticket today or tomorrow.

Reading this in the DART newsletter the other day almost made me choke on my eggs:

really exciting...


Liz said...

You'll love it. The MOCP is right near the Art Institute. I was there last summer and saw the Jeff Wall exhibition at the Art Institute, then walked down to MOCP to see some Joel Sternfeld et al. Pretty awesome. What else? Be sure to take in a Cubs game, if they're in town then. Or you could head out to Oak Park and see the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio. You can find a million more things to do. Chicago's a great town.

Mel Trittin said...

I generally stay at the House of Blues hotel (I just checked for the link and see that it has changed to Hotel Sax Chicago, don't know how this will affect things but it is a good location Right on the river (be sure to ask for a room overlooking the river) and windows that open (I hate being sealed into buildings). A very reasonable walk from MOCP, Art Institute, Millenium Park, Catherine Edelman's. I personally WOULD NOT go to a Cubs game, but hey, I'm from Milwaukee. Oh yeah, I'd email Mel and get her to take the train down and buy me lunch or coffee or something with Brian or Jon or both. Yeah, that's the ticket!

jacinda said...

hey! i am in chicago right now and betsy and kelli say to stay in the congress. wish i could be here when you are but you will love it here.

LKB said...

Closest Hotel,

Go to Millennium Park, AIC, some galleries, I really like to eat when I am in Chicago...

Yummy japanese (just a short walk from the museum)


Say hello to Brian, Dawoud, Matt, Jonathan, Karen, Rod, Natasha, heck everyone!

Andres said...

Whenever someone asks for tips on visiting a city I know, my mind immediately goes to food, but I'm sure you will do just fine already. There are great museums (not just art) planetarium, aquarium, etc.

Millennium park will have free outdoor concerts nearly every night (
so be sure to check some of that out if you are already going to be in the area.

If you manage to come up to the northside and like Belgian beers I'll buy you one at our neighborhood bar, the hopleaf, though it will probably be a bit out of your way.

You'll enjoy the visit. Chicago has got a lot. (not to mention huge varieties of it.)