Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Break '08

Two more days of grading odds and ends and getting my ducks in a row and then Spring Break '08 has officially begun. Now as much as I enjoy school and photography, I'll be the first to admit that it's nice to walk away every now and then and rediscover other pleasures. To that end, a Law and Order re-run forced me to the internet for my television time the other night and I've spent the past few nights streaming the series of "American Pie" movies on my laptop.

I know, it's sad. No, they're not especially good. Yes, they're very juvenile, but still, now I can't stop until I've seen them all or the free links break.

But of course it's got me thinking about sex. Specifically sex and photography and what photos or projects out there deal with sex in some way that goes beyond the voyeuristic or political? Nan Goldin immediately comes to mind as someone who's done it well, but once again, I welcome input here.

Shit, see how hard it is. Now that the subject's out there, every sentence is an unintended innuendo.


Sebastien said...

"Beyond political" is tricky but there is always Tillmans. His Alex and Lutz photographs are sexy, intelligent and very, very open (I can't think of a better term right now).

Blake Andrews said...

Larry Sultan's The Valley. Larry Clark's Teenage Lust (and some of Tulsa). Donna Ferrato's Love and Lust. Paul Dahquist.

Mike Wood said...

food for thought - so to speak. enjoy the Spring Break. :)