Monday, March 17, 2008

is it the name or the context that's more important?

I'm swamped with grading these days, but can practically smell Spring Break. Identify the photographer, project, or the context of our discussion:

"Edward Norton. Picture shows the Native American life style. Edward Norton would often dress up and pose his subjects in a way that didn't really portray their lives but more so the way the rest of America pictured them."


marywheeler said...

Hey, speaking of "smells like" -- I'd like to pick your brain about something (and feel free to respond over a Superfund walk -- you, too, Alexis!) -- in my work life, we're at the very beginning stages of a project where we'll be developing media for an exhibit on scents or fragrance (to be determined) -- I've been thinking about how various media address the ineffable, and I was wondering what the field of photography has to add to this -- are there works that deal with senses other than the visual? with synesthesia? how can be? if you had to choose a photograph to represent scents or fragrance, what would it be? (and in answering that last question, you'd just be doing my homework for me, so feel free to pass)

Anonymous said...

Norton or Curtis?

shawn said...