Friday, November 9, 2007

the problem with this blog

is that, today at least, it becomes an acceptable distraction. i tell you, what i should be doing right now is photographing. it's that simple, the weather's not an issue, i have the next three hours free, and if for no other reason, i've got a grid project meeting coming up next week. i'm reminded of that great essay by robert adams, where he talks about the fear that makes it difficult to get started, because none of us ever knows exactly where that next picture's going to come from (does anyone know which one it is or am i going to have to look it up?). chris rauschenberg, one of the most prolific and inspiring photographers i know, used to teach with a grading policy that was wholly based on quantity. his point was that students would make a lot of bad pictures, but we need to make those bad pictures to make some good ones. i guess what i do know right now is that i'm not going to make any pictures, good or bad, with my ass in this chair. then again...
what do i look like? some kind of asshole? maybe i should send that in to the accounts payable guy.


Todd W. said...

I totally sympathize. I used to carry a point/shoot digital and now I've moved up to SLR. Total production has gone way down because I don't have a camera with me at all times like I used to. And there's always something else to do than just go out for a walk and shoot.

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Anonymous said...

hey! don't i have the rights to that photo since i have the original and you took it for me late at night and sent it to me? THAT'S MY PHOTO.
your pal sd