Saturday, November 24, 2007

aaah shitbag (special offer- act now)

I spent my coffee time this morning catching up on blogs and found that Christian Patterson has already beaten me to praising & writing about those "new color" books. Officially noted (and appreciated). You know, Michael Bishop (not this one) was someone I wanted to mention soon as being under-recognized and hard to find images from outside of those books. I happen to have, however, 22 small postcard books, Michael Bishop's View of the NYS Barge Canal, that Bishop put out with LightWork back in 1980. I've held on to them for about five years now, simply because I wanted them to be appreciated (I saved them from a janitor who'd had enough). Anyhow, until they're gone, just send me an address and I'll mail you one.


Blake Andrews said...

Shawn, please count me in for a Micheal Bishop postcard book.

U of O library has on older book of his but not as good as his Eauclaire stuff.

Nice blog. Sit. Stay. Good blog...

Brandie said...

Good post.