Friday, November 9, 2007

the downside

this morning's been a little tough... last july i took on a great editorial job for a magazine that will remain nameless. the photo editor was great, the art director, who accompanied me on the shoot, was great, and the pay, relative to teaching as a community college adjunct, was great. but of course, there's a downside... since finishing the job (which the photo editor and art director both loved), i've sent no fewer than a half dozen emails following up on payment. i've gone from the photo editor to three different people in accounts payable, back to the photo editor's assistant, back to the art director, all because no one has replied to tell me why it's taking so long and when i can expect to get paid. to make matters worse, i shucked out $700 in travel and rental expenses to do the job.

so, this morning i tried to call yet again and got the same voicemail box i've left previously unreturned messages on. today though, i did a little snooping around, found another number, and lo and behold, i found myself talking to the person in accounts payable who'd failed to respond to any of my previous attempts. long story short, i still don't know why they haven't paid me (the story i was given doesn't make sense) and i'm a little embarassed at how i let my hostility get the better of me (i hung up on him after making some inarticulate legal threats), but i have been assured that i should have money in hand within one week. my fingers are crossed... that my car doesn't completely die in the next week. i think the problem's in the fuel injection.

anyhow, i guess the larger question for consideration here is at what point is it no longer worth it? at what point does the juggling act no longer pay off? it seems my situation is fairly common, the work i make for myself, my artwork, i'm lucky to have pay for itself in the long run. ultimately, at this point, it loses money, but still brings me much satisfaction. it's just what i do. but to live, i juggle teaching and freelance work. all in all, it's great on paper, but mornings like this make me realize that it's not always the dream life.

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