Thursday, April 10, 2008

things i really like this week

• this photo (and the book it comes from):

Andrew Phelps, from Higley

• the fact that Ed Panar made it into APE's recent slideshow/showcase. In truth, I haven't watched the whole thing, just the first of four parts and afterwards found myself thinking that I wasn't really into much of anything there except for a few images. When I checked those out, I realized two of them were Ed's. Congratulations, Ed.
Ed Panar, from the series "Golden Palms." Boy, this would sure make a pretty great t-shirt, too, wouldn't it?

• this photo and the whole series of photographs from art classes:

Kyoko Hamada, Town Paintings, from the series "Apples and Bananas"

I've had quite the art crush on Kyoko Hamada for some time. Go to the Bill Charles site and you will too. I came across this series on this disc of the Critical Mass 2007 submissions. One of the tasks I've been trying to accomplish in my free time is going through each of the Critical Mass entrants and plucking the pictures of interest out for... I don't know, a slideshow, fan clubs, who knows, maybe it'll build it up to curatorial ambitions? All I know is that there's a lot of great work there.

• Two films that really inspire, for completely different reasons (and perhaps audiences):

Just the other day I read somewhere in my google reader that all photographers really want to be filmmakers. I don't necessarily buy that, but I certainly envy the way that film actually has an audience (let's face it, the fans of photography are other photographers). I also envy filmmakers like Randy Walker and Jennifer Shainin who've made a film that's slow, quiet, smart, and like so many independent films, a labor of love that required an enormous amount of patience, planning, and, compared to photography anyway, money. Lately, I've been whining about how hard it is to get a weekend free and hotel & gas costs to go shoot. With this film in mind, I'll just shut up and figure out how to make it work.

The other film is Hot Rod. Believe me, I was as surprised as you are that I didn't hate this.

If you're going to put your money into one, make it the former. If you're exhausted and just trying to make it through the end of the day, the latter.

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