Thursday, April 17, 2008

talk about a good week (for me, anyway)

• first, there was this

• then came this

• and now, through an unfortunate turn of events (for someone else), I'm on my way to this, while I should be doing this:

I have to admit, I'm feeling pretty lucky right now. Even though I'm nursing a mild nosebleed in a McDonald's in the midst of a five hour layover in Frankfurt. Reports to come. Hey, anybody know of an easy good way to make a slideshow I can embed in my blog?


gemstate said...

flickr slideshow for blogs using that fancy flash template:

your other option, i assume, would be to make an iphoto slideshow and export it to quicktime. you could give us some music too...I recommend "Zorba The Greek"

my BIG question is this (with all your good fortune) were you lucky enough to find free wi-fi at another airport besides PDX?

Mel Trittin said...

I was just about to write and send my congratulations! Great week for you and well deserved. I have used for the blog and it has worked quite well.


f:lux said...

And from me too, congratulations x3 (at least)!

Chase said...

Congratulations on the well deserved selections, you are in such great company with Remain In Light and Pause To Begin.

For an embeddable slideshow Soundslides with sound turned off works really well. I take away the slideshow play button and it makes a simple flash gallery kind of like the one that they use on the Magnum blog.

ben huff said...

damn, that is a good week! congrats Shawn. well deserved.

shawn said...

thanks guys. i'd love to post, but greece is kicking my ass. long days, thousands of photographs (seen, not taken) and i've had more wine in the past two days than i've had in the previous month.
hard work... yeah, it's tough alright.

now i need to shower and rest up a little before i walk over to Duane Michals opening over on the Aegean Sea. yep, it's awfully tough work.

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