Tuesday, April 8, 2008

more t-shirt fodder

hmm... maybe? Michael Northrup, from Beautiful Ecstasy

my valentine's photo made in a Mexican restaurant somewhere in Washington

Alec Soth, Untitled 47, from Dog Days Bogota

or any of these polaroids from Mike Slack:

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f:lux said...

It's really hard to choose, isn't it? In a way, there's no reason why the T-shirt can't be thought of as any blank surface, like paper to print or a screen to project on, so why not just transfer whatever image you want, irregardless of whether it seems appropriate or not?

Especially as, ordinarily, T-shirts tend to be supports for adverts, slogans, affiliations, jokes...

But the photos you're forwarding here are interesting possibilities (thanks for the hint, back soon).