Thursday, February 21, 2008

today's rejection letter

At least this one gives me a clear reason:

Dear Mr. Records,

Thank you for considering Kaiser Permanente for your Health coverage. Our medical underwriting process requires that we screen for pre-existing conditions. Based on the answers you provided on the membership application for Shawn Records, we are unable to offer you coverage for the following reason(s):

Minor height/weight variation

Rheumatism (this is that Gout I mentioned)

Well, the good news is that this is actually good news. Now that I've been officially rejected, I think the state will be forced to come to my aid and insure me.

In the meantime, I've got a personal policy that for every rejection I receive, I've got to submit to something else that week. In this case, I've got the Oregon Medical Insurance Pool, the Humble Arts grant, that New York thing I can't seem to find at the moment, and pause| to begin on my list. Pause | to begin is that fascinating new competition/publication that David Wright and Ethan Jones have cooked up. Not only are they creating a publication, but they're also visiting each selected artist and documenting the creative process as well. Sounds intriguing. I just hope they don't list my minor height/weight variation in my rejection letter.


David Wright said...

Dear Shawn,

I promise that we will not list your minor height/weight variation in our rejection letter if we send one.

In the event that you are 1 of the 15 selected photographers and we visit you, we may take note of your minor height/weight variation, though.

Just wanted to warn you..

Our very best,

David and Ethan
Pause, to Begin

marywheeler said...

Jesus, I was so sure I'd be rejected by Kaiser for my "minor height/weight variation" ("no insurance for you, fatty!") which is why I was relieved by the portability thingy that means get get to take your insurance with you when you leave a job. Or something. I'm not trying to rub it in that I worked for the state.

Want to meet me and Cheryl for a beer at the T-room at 7 or so tonight? I've got tenant issues to discuss.

LKB said...

Oh my, call Michael Moore. This is right out of Sicko! I feel for you.

As a resident of Massachusetts, I want to state that Mitt Romney's grand plan for universal insurance is anything but a model program. For anyone out there thinking, wow MA did it, let's follow that..I say NO! It's a huge issue for freelancers (which many photographers and artists are) and small businesses (ditto). Most self-purchased plans are anything but affordable. They instituted it without all issues being solved. I got a 1099 for my insurance (more red tape); the form prevents me from being penalized on my taxes. Sorry, I guess I was on a rant. It's a mess.

Here is an overview from an artist's perspective: