Wednesday, February 13, 2008

ask & you shall receive

lots of great tips came in on the video front. Thanks much. If only you had as much knowledge about health insurance.

Speaking of, I worry that my recent post regarding my lack of health care may have given you the wrong idea. Please note for the record that I have gout, not erectile dysfunction. Perhaps it's just coincidence (or maybe it's just Valentine's day marketing), but there seems to be concern out there that I might be suffering from ED. I swear, I've probably received at least ten emails in the past two days with great offers for Viagra at discounted prices. Apparently, with the right pills, hidden in my pants is "a Hollywood story that's incredibly huge..."

And actually, immediately after posting the call for videos to show in class, I got an email advertising a video featuring "Paris Hilton + 2 black guys." Sorry, but at the heavily Christian suburban community college where I teach, between Sally Mann's naked kids and Alec Soth's penis pictures, I feel like I'm pushing the boundary as far as I can.


Andrew said...

I know what you mean, I told an old girlfriend that I was excited about a new "enlarger" that I bought on- line and she said I was "gross".

As for a video, its not directly a photo video but its quite good. "Man and his Mayths" a series by Bill Moyers based on the Carl Jung classic Man and his Symbols, also a must read for anyone trying to make sense of the visual world, or, better said, the world visually.

shawn said...

thanks andrew. i'll check out those videos. i love bill moyers.

i hope your enlarger brings you years of satisfaction and happiness. best,