Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I know, I know, I'm not alone... we're all a little strapped right now, aren't we?

© Raimond Wouda, Ridderkerk II, 2003
from Lay Flat

Well, yesterday after I posted about my clearance sale (I think I've covered the plane ticket so far, but not the burritos yet), I received emails about two more things I'd love to put money toward, if I had any in hand:

Lay Flat, the new publication/brainchild of Shane Lavalette is soliciting donations to try to get their first issue, co-curated with Karly Wildenhaus, up & rolling. In full disclosure, I will have a picture in that issue, assuming it does eventually make it into print, but that's not really why I care. Shane has long been one of the most consistently thoughtful and prolific writers out there. He's building it up with smarts and sweat, folks. I mean, come on, he's got Tim Davis and Mike Mandel involved in this first issue. I tell you, I'd put money into his magazine, whether my work was in it or not.

The other temptation this week is the release of Ron Jude's Other Nature, at the New York Art Book Fair. Looks like he'll be signing books Sunday at 2 pm. Stick around til 4 and you can have Michel Gondry sign a book as well.

print sale update: hmm... I had to suspend the print sale. Thanks for those who expressed interest and/or support, but it ends up that the art market's a little more complicated than I'd like. I'll just have to stick with making pictures and stay out of the business of selling them myself...

hey wait, yet another print sale update: if you want to buy something, just contact me directly and we'll figure it out. There are many options. I heart my gallerist.

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