Thursday, October 2, 2008

call & response

What well-known photograph did I have in mind when making this picture? Would anyone besides this small group of photo geeks ever pick up on the reference? Actually, will anyone within this small group of photo geeks even pick up the reference? Maybe that just makes it a dumb picture?

There should be more contests in the blogosphere, shouldn't there? Forget those postcard books (though I've still got some if you're interested), I'll mail an 8x10 pigment print of practically any picture of your choice to whoever is the first to identify the "source" I had in mind.


Derek R said...

My Guess:

HCB, "Behind the Gare Saint-Lazare"

shawn said...

Derek, Iheartyou.
Choose whatever you want and let me know.

Derek R said...

Right on! I'll look through your pics and get back to you.


Alan DeCoronado said...

That was freaking amazingly hilarious. I love it. Right on the tip of my tongue, too. So good to see you today. Hope all's well.

shawn said...

and you too, alan.