Sunday, April 5, 2009


hmmm... I woke up this morning to a barrage of spam comments from "sexy." I'm guessing that if you're linked on this blog, you did too. Sorry. If it was something I could control, I would. I'll try to enable comment moderation in the hopes that it makes our lives better.


Grant said...

I was excited to see your blog post entitled "Sexy" and I am sad to say that I am very disappointed. That was the least sexy thing the internet has ever offered me.
And it has offered me a lot of sexy things.

Mel Trittin said...

The gift that keeps on giving! I had subscribed to the comment thread on "It happened again" so this morning I had 2 emails from "Sexy". One for 40 Watt and one for Cigarettes and Purity. I think a pair beats one of a kind.