Wednesday, March 4, 2009

what just happened?

yesterday this file looked like a picture. when I opened it today, it looked like this:


MrAnalogy said...

You think that's odd -- wait till you see what it looks like tomorrow . . .

LKB said...

Wow, that's amazing...I sense a new series???

shawn said...

Hey wait, Mr. Analogy, you should have some sort of analogy for my situation, shouldn't you? A new series... yes, a series of disappointments and aggravations. All in a day's work.

MrAnalogy said...

"some sort of analogy for my situation . . . ?"

Yes, my apologies.

Your situation looks a little like one of those billboards that are made up of 3 sided vertical 'blinds', if you will. Imagine if the billboard were 50 feet wide and the 3 faceted slats were all about an inch. And then further imagine that the little chain or wire or belt that rotates said slats to change the presentation got broken or out of sync somehow and the slats were all mixed up and scrambled.

Now imagine that your photo above has suffered the digital equivalent of slat-slide which has caused a loss of rendering registration.

File corruption is sadly worse than file loss as it's like watching a cherished elder lose their senses and gradually drift into being a stranger. The mourning lasts throughout the slide and lacks the decency of more (nearly) immediate closure while offering none of the traditional acknowledgements of loss.

Sorry ... analogies can be like dominoes. Argh!