Saturday, June 28, 2008

since i paid $6.95 for internet access, i should go ahead and do something with it before i catch my plane

more to come, but a few things I love about Chicago:

New Catalog

the fact that I ate deep-fried macaroni and cheese while sitting across the table from Paul D'Amato (Justin, I chose this one for you)

potato pancakes from Manny's

Brian, of course

Jason Lazarus

and the Git

oh, and I've got no time to properly attribute or link, but add Karsten Lund, and the other fine folks at MoCP, Amy Stein, the brown line, and crunchy french toast to the list and you've got a pretty good idea of how great my last couple days have been. even so, the best part is that I'm almost home... all these great people around have me really excited to get home and make some pictures.


Justin said...

Thank you, worth every penny.

jonathan said...

I love New Catalogue too. The Git Brian and Jason are OK too.