Thursday, January 3, 2008

a real question from a reader!

I've been meaning to ask.
It's a silly question, but I bugs me every time I go to your blog.

40 Watt: A low but steady hum.

If it's a hum, shouldn't it be 40 Hertz: A low but steady hum ?

I've never heard a 40W bulb hum. But, at 40Hz, that's a low steady hum.

Sorry, I had to ask.

Hi Anonymous Reader,
Don't be sorry, I'm glad to explain. Years ago, back when I was young and even more naive, I fantasized about starting a small press and calling it "Humming Bulb," the idea being that it's a slow steady surge of creativity and work that's necessary to get things done. Back in October, when I first entertained the notion of starting this blog as a way to deal with the constant photo-related questions and conversations that take place in my head, that was the first phrase that came to mind when I was faced with the empty title box. However, after typing it in, I couldn't help but think that the phrase could possibly be misinterpreted for some sort of creative sexual innuendo. I didn't want to soil my blog in the same way that I've soiled so many awkward dinner parties, thus the change to 40 watt.

Now, as to the question of whether or not a 40 watt bulb hums, trust me, if you're in a room that's quiet enough, it does.

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