Sunday, December 16, 2007

i can't stop laughing from all the heartbreak

Great comments on the previous post… so much room for more, but it'll have to wait as I'm out of town and saddled with a frustratingly slow internet connection. Even so, my good friend screw-top Gallo and I are loving the fact that we made it back to the hotel with our General Tso's chicken just in time to watch America's Funniest Home Videos. If you ever need to find me on a Sunday night at 7:00, chances are the boys are I are laughing hysterically in front of the television. The following is one of my all time favorites. If I could only make something this heartbreakingly sad, funny, and true in a photograph, then I'd die happy. If only someone got hit in the nuts too…

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Anonymous said...

Me and my shortys watch America's Funniest Videos too. I am totally unashamed. Along with Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton movies, the videos are among the few things that we watch together and all enjoy. And I think the videos work in the same way as the silent comedies do - no dialogue, simple stories/conflict, unexpected sight gags, and great music. It's a very pure expression.