Tuesday, March 9, 2010

possibly a bargain,

but only for those who would recognize it as such. The listing below is for a framed photograph I've donated to the auction at my kids' school. I'm worried that it's the kind of high-dollar unique item that will be destined for fund-raising failure when offered to the wrong crowd. Proxy bidding is available through Thursday. Hell, I'd even drop a form off for you if you're interested in placing a bid.

Item #L056: Untitled, behind the scenes on Where the Wild Things Are, Bushranger's Bay, Victoria, Australia, 2006

image: archival digital chromogenic print, 20" x 30" image, framed to 30" x 40" in white oak. Signed on verso by Shawn and Max Records

value: $1000

item description: framed photograph made behind the scenes of the departure scene in Spike Jonze's motion picture adaptation of Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are.

bio: Shawn's photographs are in the permanent collections of the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago and the Portland Art Museum and have been shown at MoCP, PAM, the Cooley Gallery, and Blue Sky Gallery among many others. His art work has been published in Remain in Light, Camerawork, DoubleTake, Photography Quarterly, and Adbusters and his editorial work has been published in W, Cookie, Filter, Jalous,Modern Painters and many more.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Launch of Death:

a magazine for the enthusiast and the non-enthusiast alike.

in Portland, tonight, at Reading Frenzy. Afraid I can't make it, but you definitely should.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


just click on it:


(note: John Mann's great work is up too - real prints on the wall. Met him and his wife at the opening- super nice.)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


some real-world luxury here:

jenny thought it important to leave a note for housekeeping:

we're hillbillies on tour.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

As flattered as I was

that Paul Graham was writing to me, this isn't exactly what I'd hoped for.

Dear Friend,

With due respect to your person,I Paul Graham kindly wish to ask for

your attention and consideration just for a while. I know this is

certainly not the appropriate channel to contact you but situation

necessitated me to do this. However,I am sincerely sorry for any

inconveniences this may cause you. I am a senior staff of a bank here

in LONDON, and I have a business proposal which will benefit you and i

if it is properly executed.

I was the account officer and personal friend to Colin Morley who died

in the July 2005 London bomb blast. Colin Morley was a reputable

customer of my bank before he died in the 2005 London bomb blast.

He however had a deposit of Nine million two hundred thousand British

Pounds(9.2Million GBP) with the bank and his family members are not

aware of this particular account due to the perennial crisis in his

marital home.

As his confidant and an account officer, he warned me on the

implication of disclosing his account status to
any member of his family.

For more details and confirmation please try and visit this site

below for clarification:


Based on this, I want you join me in my plans to get this money.

All I need do is to present you as the next of kin to the deceased,the

bank would transfer the funds to you as the beneficiary .Please note

the urgency in this transaction and a timely response is required so

that we can meet with the bank's deadline.

Please have no fear for I assure you that all relevant documents

needed to make this deal successful shall be forwarded to you as soon

as I receive a positive response from you. Note that we need joint

effort to make this deal successful.

I believe strongly that if this deal is carefully executed, it would

be of great benefit to both us.

Waiting earnestly for your response.reply me on my private mail on


Best regard,

Paul Graham

Monday, October 26, 2009

Owner of This World: Available Now! well, almost...

Owner of This World is a book of photographs made by Shawn Records during the four months that his son, Max Records, spent working as an actor on the set of Where the Wild Things Are, Spike Jonze's film adaptation of the Maurice Sendak classic. Max was nine-years old at the time, and neither he nor his family had been involved in the film industry before. Records, the elder, is convinced that this book will disappoint anyone looking for insight into the film or the filmmakers and offers it as a manifestation of his own anxieties; a collection of fears and reassurances, upon letting his son out into a world that is beyond his control.

The book is available in a softcover edition for $45, or in softcover with a signed archival inkjet print of your choice (8" x 12" on 11"x 14" paper) for $120. You may order now, but book orders will not be fulfilled until the end of October and print orders not until the end of November. Inquire for prints at other sizes.

88 pp., 54 photographs
8 3/8" x 11" x 3/8"
Xerox laser printed pages, bound in Publication Studio's signature file folder softcover bind

available through Publication Studio

also, a significant preview on We Love You So